Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Halo, ik spreek geen Nederlands?

Key observations on Amsterdam and the Dutch:
  1. Karnemelk is not delicious refreshing milk. It's disgusting buttermilk;
  2. You have to purchase your own grocery bags and bag your own groceries. Failure to comprehend and execute this norm with speed makes for a grumpy cashier and a traffic jam at the market;
  3. The Dutch have...interesting taste in fashion. Bright colors and lots of them stick out like a sore thumb;
  4. The Dutch don't "lunch" as we do in the states. A simple meal of bread and cheese will suffice;
  5. Dutch cheese rocks;
  6. The weather here sucks;
  7. Buy 2 locks for your bike, one for the back wheel and another for the front wheel and frame, and always lock your bike to a stationary object lest your frustrated thief decide to just throw the thing into a canal;
  8. Bring Tylenol! Weed and shrooms may be legal, but you have to have an Rx for Tylenol

1 comment:

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